Clary Sage: An estrogenic essential oil to calm the mind and improve the mood

There are many plants in the Salva genus that have been used as medicines. I’ve already written about garden sage (Salva officinalis). Today, I’m going to write about a species of sage native to Southern Europe and the Middle East, clary sage (Salvia sclarea). I’ve grown this one in my garden. It has much larger leaves than garden sage and is a little milder in action.

Using Clary Sage Herb

Clary Sage FlowersClary sage can be used for many of the same purposes as garden sage. It’s a good remedy for indigestion when taken as a tea. It eases gas and bloating and helps with intestinal dysbiosis. It can also be used to regulate sweating. Taken warm it promotes perspiration and can help with colds and flu. Taken cold (or in capsules) it can inhibit excess sweating and night sweats. It also dries up breast milk.

Clary sage contains the phytoestrogen sclareol, which has a weak estrogenic effect. So, the herb has been used to help with female reproductive issues, including aiding women in the transition of menopause. It may help with painful menstruation and hot flashes.

While, you won’t see clary sage used often in herbal medicine, it is pretty easy to grow. As a home-grown remedy, it’s best used as a tea. Use one teaspoon of the dried herb per cup, steep for 5-10 minutes, and drink one cup twice daily.

Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary Sage EOClary sage is often used as an essential oil. It has a mood-altering effect and has been used to ease anxiety and depression. It can also ease aggressive feelings and irritability. It helps to calm the mind and the body and can act as a mild euphoric. It may help to enhance dopamine, which accounts for some of these effects.

Clary sage essential oil has an ethereal action on the mind, opening up the mind to new ideas. It can be used to encourage vivid and revealing dreams and ease nightmares. It is also acts as a mild aphrodisiac for women.

Using Clary Sage EO

The essential oil of clary sage can be applied topically either neat or diluted. It can be massaged into the abdomen to ease scanty menstruation with cramping and to help stimulate labor. It can be made into an aerosol and sprayed around the face to ease hot flashes, anxiety, and irritability. You can also just smell it out of the bottle or diffuse it into a room to calm and clear the mind and to lift depression. Don’t use the essential oil of clary sage internally.

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