• November 30, 2021


Last week, many Americans celebrated Thanksgiving. It’s one of those times where people tend to eat too much and suffer from indigestion and bloating. So, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss one of the best remedies for easing digestive distress—fennel. Fennel seeds have been used as a digestive aid and carminative since the days of the Roman Empire. They have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for the same purpose, helping to treat abdominal distention and pain, vomiting,…

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  • November 23, 2021

Cranberries: A Native American Food and Medicine

Since Thanksgiving is almost here, I have a little quiz for you. How many foods can you spot in the picture on the right that were originally Native American crops? Before I give you my answer, I should let you know I got my information from Indian Givers: How Native Americans Transformed the World by Jack Weatherford. This book focuses on the many contributions Native Americas made to the world—wealth, ideas, medicines, and foods.In total, I see eight foods Native Americans introduced to the world.…

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  • November 16, 2021


From bee stings to respiratory remedies gumweed is a common weed that I'm glad to have growing in my own backyard. It is a valuable remedy for the skin and lungs.

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  • November 9, 2021

The Medicinal Properties of Black Pepper

While black pepper is most commonly used as a spice, it also has many medicinal uses. It can help improve digestion, break up congestion and even help reduce the risk of colon cancer.

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  • November 2, 2021

The Amazing Health and Medicinal Benefits of Apples

If you've heard the saying  “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” and wondered if there is any truth to this statement, so have I. To find out I did some research to see if there is any evidence to back this idea up. I found that eating apples can help you balance your blood sugar and lose weight and so much more.

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  • October 26, 2021

The Medicinal Benefits of Chrysanthemum

During the fall most plants start to wind down, their leaves change color and dry out as winter nears. But a few plants have decided that this is the time of year to blossom, giving us some final splashes of color for autumn. One of these is chrysanthemums, which start to bloom in late summer and early fall. There are numerous species of these plants, which belong to the Asteraceae family, formerly known as Compositae, because the flowers are actually a group of flowers blooming in a head. Many…

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  • October 22, 2021

The Gall Bladder Flush

Many people have claimed to have eliminated gallstones by doing a gallbladder flush. Although there is controversy surrounding this therapy, I’ve seen it help many people with gall bladder problems. Here’s how it is done.Start by fasting for 24 to 48 hours on fresh, raw apple juice or freshly squeezed grapefruit juice to clear the colon. Malic acid, an ingredient in apple juice, also soften the stones, but persons with hypoglycemia or yeast infections will do better on grapefruit juice. If using…

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  • October 19, 2021


Autumn is the best time of the year to harvest most herbal roots, especially biennials like burdock. A biennial is a plant that lives for two years. During the first year, it produces only leaves and gathers energy and nutrients in the root. During the second year, it produces flowers, fruits, and seeds, using up the stored energy and nutrients of the root. Examples of biennials include carrots, beets, turnips, mullein, and burdock. The first-year burdock plant produces a ring of leaves growing…

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