Health!  It’s a New World!

Staying healthy can be (but doesn't need to be a  lonely process)! It can be lonely.  Unfortunately without ongoing holistic support, getting healthy and maintaining a healthy body can even be disturbing, overwhelming, tiring, confusing, frustrating, aggravating and scary!

NOW!  Let's change all that to becoming and staiying healthy can be and is fulfilling, confident, calm, energizing, rewarding and sucessful with the right help.

I am offering complimentary opportunities for you to accept my wilingness to guide you in a healthy direction.  This is an opportunity to move from where you are in the confusing world to the confident world in short order.

I am devoted to helping those seeking to discover their way out of chaos and confusion to confident, healthy, happy life. 

You may wish to accept a 45-minute Complimentary, Private, Discovery Session that will 

1.) Clarify your current health questions and challenges

2.) Discover how positive, practical practices can take you from stacking your shelves with "who knows what" to a positive approach on 4 different levels, as you choose.

YOu might enjoy my blogs at

You will find that I offer Steps in the healthy direction you choose.

3.) Enjoy the positive results of the education and choices you've made.

You Will Be:

Guided and supported with proven success principles by a certified herbals with over 40 years experience.

You will have a knowledgeable, well-seasoned parent coach who will lead you on the path that you choose.

Together we will address the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual domains of health, as you see relvant.

Are you ready?

A 45 minute Complimentary, Private, Health Discovery Session with Barbara is ready for you at your request.


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