We're living in a time where there are some serious challenges ahead. In fact, some of these problems are already upon us. So, I did the above webinar to discuss the problems that are on the horizon and how herbalists can make preparations to help themselves and to help others in the coming times.  This is an introduction to a new webinar series I'm doing for my members.

In it, I discuss the following problems we're facing: 

  • Ongoing supply chain disruptions, especially the possibility of food shortages
  • Inflation and potential economic collapse
  • Social unrest due to the problems above
  • Potential power and utility disruptions
  • COVID-19, vaccines, health care, and why a knowledge of herbs may be helpful in the times ahead

The webinars that follow will talk about specific health issues people will face in difficult times and how we can be prepared to help. This includes understanding how to use wild or locally grown herbs. If you're not a member, consider joining at stevenhorne.com/signup. It's just $19.95 per month for these (and other) valuable webinars and information. You can also call 800-416-2887 to join. 

Steven was originally led to the study of herbal medicine as a teenager after he had a spiritual experience in which he saw the collapse of the electrical grid. He spent much of his teenage years learning…