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People who desire to maintain good health will eat healthier food, avoid food additives and other chemicals, and take supplements. Yet, even those actively working on their health often overlook an invisible influence that may be having an adverse effect on their health. We’re talking about the problem of electromagnetic radiation. 

In modern society, we live in a sea of electromagnetic frequencies. Cell phone towers and cell phones, radio and TV signals, Bluetooth and wifi, satellite signals, radar, emissions from high voltage power lines, and even emissions from wiring and household appliances. Since the tissues of all other living creatures operate partly off of electrical frequencies, these signals place tremendous stress on all living things.

Although numerous studies have been done on this subject over the last 25 years, very little of this research has reached the general public. For example, did you know that the United States Navy spent about 50-100 million dollars on a study that was published in 1984? Their research showed that exposure to harmful electromagnetic frequencies resulted in altered hormone levels, immune processes, cellular function, and even modified brain wave activity in humans. It also showed these frequencies could cause birth defects in chicken embryos and sterility in male animals. On the positive side, they also found that the application of specific frequencies could actually help cure certain diseases.

Major sources of electromagnetic pollution include:

  1. High voltage power lines or electrical substations
  2. Radar sites and satellite dishes
  3. Cell phone towers and cell phones
  4. Video display terminals

These are some of the most powerful sources of electromagnetic pollution, but basically all appliances and wiring emit some electromagnetic radiation. That’s the bad news, but the good news is that there are ways to minimize your exposure to this electromagnetic radiation, shield yourself from its effects, and fortify your body to minimize its effects on your health.

October 27, 2020


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