A few years back I found a wonderful book, now out of print, entitled The Enchantment of Opposites by Patricia Taylor. This book provided me with the most practical advice on how to create successful relationships between men and women that I've ever found. The insights are brilliant, and the practical advice on things to do to make relationships better are outstanding. 

The book is based on the idea that great relationships are like a good game. There are roles or positions and rules by which the game is played and won. For good relationships, the goal is win/win, which means that both people playing the game win. However, the game is asymmetrical, because men and women are different and what constituents a win for each is different. The good news is that men are ideally suited to provide wins for women and women are ideally suited to create wins for men.

Specifically, her book outlines six "games" that we must win (in order) to create fantastic relationships. These six games are:

  1. The Self Game
  2. The Win/Win Game
  3. The Co-Creation Game
  4. The Man-Woman Game
  5. The Hero-Goddess Game
  6. The Enchantment Game
  7. he Community Game

In this webinar, we'll discuss each of these games and how we win at them. I assure you that if you apply this information it will radically transform your relationships. 

Watch the recording here:

If you're not registered to attend the webinars, here's the link to register: https://events.genndi.com/channel/seekinglight


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