I've spent a lot of time this past month following the COVID-19 disease and the surrounding crisis the world is going through. There is good news:
First, antibody testing suggests that the death rate from COVID-19 may be no greater than the seasonal flu.
Second, most of the people who are dying from this disease are similar to the people who die each year from complications of the flu. This is primarily the elderly or those with other serious diseases. People under 50 usually have mild symptoms or no symptoms at all.
Third, there appear to be quite a few things you can do to not only prevent COVID-19 but also to effectively treat it (if you have a case that doesn't require hospitalization). 
I'll be updating all this information in this free webinar. The recording (and the handouts) will be posted on this page. 
The discussion is not just limited to COVID-19. I'll also talk about a lot of issues surrounding how this is being handled. This includes the threat of economic collapse, potential food shortages, loss of civil liberties, and especially the threats to our health freedoms. 
Watch the recording below. If you'd like to read the book I mention on this webinar, Let Freedom Ring, click here to read the first chapter

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