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From the first breath we take until our last, we need a constant supply of oxygen to live. To breathe is to live and life requires freedom, hence the phrase, "breathing free." 

But what happens when we can't breathe free? What happens when our breathing is stifled, stuffy, congested, and difficult? It's hard to feel good when you can't freely take in the "breathe of life." 

In both traditional Chinese medicine and TCM, the lungs are associated with grief and I've seen chronic grief create respiratory congestion, and conversely, helping a person grieve has helped to resolve respiratory problems. But, the association of the lungs with sadness and grief is just the beginning.

Breathing and the heartbeat are associated with the very rhythm of life. Both are pulsations that permeate the body and both are deeply tied in with all emotions, not just grief. To breathe is to live and to live is to feel. 

When we don't want to feel, we hold our breath. We literally stifle our smoother our life.  When we start to breathe again, we start to feel again, and that can be hard if we're sitting on a pile of unresolved emotional pain.

Fortunately, many of the herbs and remedies we use for the lungs help us with both our breathing and our emotions. We'll explore these remedies and the emotional issues commonly associated with various respiratory problems in this Holistic Approach webinar. 

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