I believe that there are deeper issues going on in the current national crisis (which is both a health and economic crisis) than most people are aware of. I also believe that we're going to recover from this rapidly, but that the road will be bumpy because the information is going to be coming out that will shock many people. Because these are personal beliefs and I can't provide hard evidence, just my understanding and why I believe this way, I created this separate webinar from my other webinar: The Coronavirus: A Lesson in Fear, Immunity and Emergency Preparedness. 

I do NOT be discussing prevention or cures for the virus, emergency preparedness or other matters like this. Instead, I talk about the prophecies made about Donald Trump by Mark Tayler, Kim Clement, Lance Wallnau, and others. I also talk about the Q phenomenon and the messages from people like Praying Medic and other Q researchers. 

​​​The bottom line is that this is not the end of the world. Instead, it is the beginning of a rapid change for the better. We just need to have faith in God and be like the children of Israel during the Passover. This whole crisis can pass us by if we get right with God. 

Please do not bother watching this webinar if you don't believe in God or prophecy or personal spiritual inspiration. You won't get anything out of it. 

I've embedded the video below so you can watch it. 

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I'll also be posting links to some of the resources I mentioned in this webinar below. Here are a few to get started. Note the date of some of these videos when you watch them. 

Trey Smith’s documentary about the Donald Trump prophecies.

An Interview with Mark Taylor about his prophecies.

A July 16, 2016 Prophecy and the coming change in our nation.

Q-The Plan to Save the World

Another Q Video

Here's a recent video on Kim Clement's prophecies and his letter to Donald Trump

For more, I have a YouTube Playlist on this subject.

More later...

A Holistic Approach to Thyroid Disease

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