Ron Logan has been an active Natural Health Consultant with specialties in Iridology, Herbology and Reflexology for over 30 years. Today, he is both nationally and internationally recognized for his work in Iridology and as a Master Herbologist.

Ron was born in Kansas in 1934. His early training was in Herbology, However in 1975, his desire to learn more led him to the study of Iridology under Bernard Jensen in Escondido, California. Ron's expertise in Iridology has also taken him overseas to work with renowned iridologists, such as LeDean Griffin, author of "Health in the Space Age," Dr. Deck of Heidelberg, Germany, Dr. Donald Bramer, D.C. and Dr. John Ray, N.D. Today, Ron is considered one of the top Iridologists in the US. As a public speaker, his audiences are commonly captivated with his knowledge and understanding of the human body and how it reacts to foods and drugs. The information he shares has been proven vital and has been responsible for healing and even saving the lives of countless people in the US and abroad.

Ronald J. Logan Credentials:

Certified Iridologist, National Iridology Association


Practitioner Certified Reflexologist, International Institute of Reflexology, C.R.R.

Bach Flower Specialist

Nature's Sunshine Herbal Specialist

Certified Correctional Health Professional, C.C.H.P., Bircher-Benner Clinic-Zurich, Switzerland

I.D. Certified Water Specialist

Herbal Theory & Practice, Institute of National Health

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