My journey began as a young adult, curious about my mother's passion for herbs, herbal literature, and gardening. During my mother's health decline, I decided to go deeper into natural health, which started with becoming familiar with nutrition. This led to my enrollment into the Family Herbalist program at The Herbal Academy. I then continued my certifications in herbal education with The School of Modern Herbal Medicine, which allowed me to study with notable herbalists and traditional naturopaths.

 I am a Certified Herbal Consultant with a strong focus on holistic wellness. I also became a meditation guide and a Reiki Master Practitioner to effectively offer energy work with crystals and sound therapy. I have studied Reflexology, Iridology along with tongue analysis, and Chakra Energy.

When I'm not working, I'm usually with my husband (and wellness partner/owner of Rilaks2Njoy), our daughter, and granddog. I like spending time in nature; earthing, meditating, and taking herbwalks.


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