Also known as Applied Kinesiology, Muscle Response Testing monitors and utilizes the strength of a muscle to indicate whether something strengthens the body or weakens it.  It is an intuitive assessment technique that is really a subjective form of biofeedback.  There are many variations, but all practitioners put pressure on a specific muscle to determine it's baseline strength. Various tests are performed to see if the muscle will remain strong or weaken.  The theory is that if a muscle remains strong the body is saying, "yes, this is good for me."  If the muscle weakens, it is a sign that the influence is not favorable. Some practitioners use specific test points to determine nutriitonal deficiencies, infections, organ function and imbalances in the body.

Muscle response testing is a contoversial assessment tool.  Many alternative health practioners and herbalists use it, while others consider it too subjective and unreliable. Ideally, an intiutive assessment tool like muscle testing should be combined with other more objective methods of assessing one's health.


The following herbalists can be reached for help with Muscle Response Testing

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