I became interested in natural health and started to live it in 1974. In 1996, I became an herbalist and started with Natures Sunshine as my source of herbal therapies. I assist my clients with health decisions. I only value western medicine for emergencies. I believe in eating organic food as it comes from the earth, although I enjoy my food being gourmet style! I believe our food should tastes great to us. Most do not value what is put in their bodies. Therefore, have many health issues. Our society has not taught us thoroughly our health is what we eat and what we think. We can change our life and the world by learning what supports our body so we do not live in a prison.

I also started my own line of essential oils in 2009!!!  I add essential oils to the herbal protocols. 

Herbs are the nutrition. 

Essential oils are the sparkplugs to stimulate the healing.

I am blessed to have wonderful health. It is not easy. I have challenges, too. But what I do works and gives me a strong happy life!

And I have witnessed many turning their health around to be vibrant. 


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