In this lesson, Steven provides an overview of the philosophy and spiritual principles that form the basis of what he calls emotional healing work. Based on the four-fold framework of knowledge (see my mini-course on learning and teaching) this lesson lays out both the purpose and central messages for the entire emotional healing program. 

Specific topics covered in this lesson include:

  • Steven's first experiences with emotional healing and the two core principles that have guided his work
  • How beliefs become self-fulfilling prophecies in our lives 
  • The importance of emotions in our lives and why we need to learn to understand what our feelings are trying to tell us
  • How bringing things into the light, instead of denying and burying them, help these things to heal

Steps to Master This Lesson:

Learn more about this system of learning in my mini-course on learning and teaching. 



  • Start paying attention to what you are feeling and own responsibility for your own feelings. They are your responsibility not the responsibility of someone else.
  • Contemplate what painful events in your life you may be burying inside of you and refusing to confront and transform.
  • To discuss this work, join our Facebook Forum for Emotional Healing Work


  • Discuss what you learned in this video with a friend or family member