I was spiritually lead into my emotional healing work and in this module, I discuss how this happened and why I feel this work is so important. I explain what I believe is the spiritual nature of our emotional conflicts and how we can explore the inner world of our own being so we can understand how to change ourselves from the inside out (with God's help). 

I specifically discuss the ideas that we are the temples of God, that we can learn to be at one with God through the power of at-ONE-ment, and how to start holding a two-way conversation with God to obtain divine guidance in our lives. I also talk about the creative powers we were given as God's children and how we need to learn to use them constructively, rather than destructively.

Finally, I talk about listening as an act of love and how genuine listening can help others heal. I finish off with a discussion of the importance of forgiveness as part of the healing process.  


This is a free training program to help people do emotional healing work, based on techniques Steven Horne has developed in helping clients work through their negative emotions for more than thirty years.…