Roylon Mortensen's tree of life model is the basis for what I call emotional anatomy. It's a unique energetic model that has greatly influenced my thought processes in many areas besides emotional healing, some of which is touched upon in this module. 

The eight lessons in this module cover the twelve spheres of the tree of life and the corresponding emotional energy centers. These are examined as a series of polar concepts (opposing energies that must be balanced for physical and emotional health). These polar energies include masculine and feminine energy, pleasure and pain, judgment and mercy, and the logical and intuitive. 

The final lessons offer additional insights into the tree of life model beginning with an understanding of energetics in general and the structure of creation. The meaning of numbers, the 22 pathways on the tree of life and their relationship to the Hebrew alphabet, and patterns of the pathways are discussed. The final lesson explores relationships between the tree of life and Biblical symbolism, including the ten commandments, ages of the world, the twelve tribes, and spiritual gifts. This is followed by a discussion about how to cultivate the spiritual gift of healing.


This is a free training program to help people do emotional healing work, based on techniques Steven Horne has developed in helping clients work through their negative emotions for more than thirty years.…