The eight lessons in this module start with an introduction to my model of emotional anatomy, which is elaborated on in Module Four. I then cover the major tools I use in emotional healing work. The first of these is the question-affirmation technique, which is associated with the idea of emotional dragons (false beliefs that prevent us from pursuing that which is good for us). 

I continue with lessons on flower essences and essential oils for emotional healing. These are tools I incorporate to aid emotional healing work that can easily be used as part of a supplement program. There are two charts available which you can use as references for emotional healing work. The first is Essential Tools for Emotional Healing (which covers flower essences and question affirmations) and the second is Aromatherapy for Emotional Healing.

The final lessons cover the more advanced techniques I use, which include breathing, movement, healing rituals, symbolic journies, and mental tools. These techniques take experience to master and may require some hands-on experience to learn to use them effectively, but there is nothing wrong with experimenting with them. 


This is a free training program to help people do emotional healing work, based on techniques Steven Horne has developed in helping clients work through their negative emotions for more than thirty years.…