Erica Hill

  • Ridgewood, NJ
  • Alternatives for Wellness
  • 201-444-7407

I am a Certified Natural Health Educator and Herbalist/Nutritionist. Certified in the Emotion Code as well, I have found that ridding oneself of emotional baggage, past traumas, etc. by releasing trapped emotions can make a tremendous diffe...

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Fitz Tavernier

  • Jenison, MI
  • NutritionUp
  • 616-822-0659

I am a Board Certified Naturopath, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, a Certified Natural Health Professional and a Safe Quality Food Practioner.                            &n...

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Gerald Brown

  • Arlington, TX
  • 8173039309

Clo Brown has been at this location since 01 Jan "81; is a Certified Herbal Consultant, Certified Iridologist, Certified Foot Reflexologist and has a certificate/degree of "Doctor of Naturopathy" from Trinity School of Indiana, Winona Lake, Indiana. ...

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Jackie Stevens

  • Loving, NM
  • Enchanted Herb Pantry, LLC
  • (575) 343-0944

Jackie Stevens has studied natural health since 1996.  Jackie has her Bachelor of Science in Natural Health Studies and Doctor of Natural Health Degrees. She is a Certified Natural Health Consultant and Aromatherapist.  She continues t...

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Jamie Roberts

  • Excelsior Springs, MO
  • Nirvana Natural Nutrition, LLC

I am a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Equine Iridologist, and Certified Herbal Consultant (through Tree of Lite Publishing).  I have also completed coursework in advanced Iridology studies and equine nutrition.  I am also certifie...

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Jan Pope

  • 904-509-7125

For the last decade I have been learning how to best use and benefit from Nature's Sunshine Products.  My family and many others take NSP supplements and follow protocols to address health challenges with great success, consistently. It is my g...

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Janice St. Cyr

  • Belleville, MI
  • Focus Health I, Inc.
  • 734-697-4074

I am a Certified Natural Health Professional through Trinity College of Natural Health. I graduated in 1998. I regularly attend classes to continue my education so that I stay up-to-date on the latest health research. I began studying nutrition, vita...

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Jean Franceus & Mckenzie Jones

  • Wessington Springs , SD
  • Family Herb Shop


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Jean Hale

  • Jeffersonville, IN
  • HealthHerbsetc
  • 8122886894

Hi there Hope you are having a wonderful day! I guess I am a "Health Nut", so to speak...Health was my favorite class in school...then around 1981-2? I was encouraged to Nutritional Meds by my Aunt with her sending me Prevention Magazine, I was a b...

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Jeanette and Dave Barcus

  • Maryville, MO
  • Herbs 'n' Whey
  • 660-582-6671

Dave is a Certified Naturopath and Jeanette is a Certified Natural Health/Herbal Consultant and Certified Iridologist. Our passion is to help people who want to take charge of their health and get to the root of health issues, if possible with natura...

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