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In the early 1980s, I was able to attend a life-changing workshop. I don't remember the name of the instructor, but I do remember the theme of the workshop, which was "be careful of the words you use, because the words you use, use you." What she stressed the most was the importance of how we use the "to be" verb, which conjugates as, "I am, you are, he or she is."

Her message was that these phrases have creative power, that is, what we put after the various forms of the "to be" verb actually serves to bring things into being, or at the very least maintain them as they are.

The workshop had a profound impact on my life, especially in regards to raising children (as I had only recently become a father). I realized that when we tell a child, "you are..." and they internalize that message, it becomes their "I am..." or self-identity. I became aware that we act according to these "I am..." beliefs, so that when we continually tell someone, you are (insert whatever negative words you want—bad, selfish, naughty, dumb, clumsy, etc.) we are actually creating and sustaining them in acting in this manner. So, I was very careful never to put anything negative after the words, "you are..." in dealing with my children.

Recently, I have been re-exposed to this idea, and it has made a profound change in my life again. This time, however, I have become more aware of the power of the "I am" form of the to-be verb, and noticing what I put after the words, "I am..."

As the lady who taught that workshop about 33 years ago taught, God told Moses that his name was "I am." She stressed that we should never put anything negative after God's name, but I don't think at the time I fully realized the implications of that idea.

So, in this webinar, we're going to explore how we use the various forms of the "to be" verb, and how we can change how we use these powerful words to improve our own lives and help others at the same time. Don't miss this important webinar.

January 12, 2016
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