Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

Steven was originally led to the study of herbal medicine as a teenager after he had a spiritual experience in which he saw the collapse of the electrical grid. He spent much of his teenage years learning…

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Emotional Healing Training Program

Emotional Healing Training Program (Emotional Healing)

This is a free training program to help people do emotional healing work, based on techniques Steven Horne has developed in helping clients work through their negative emotions for more than thirty years.…

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Individual Classes

These are stand alone classes we offer to help people master specific skills. 

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Sunshine Product Training

Sunshine Product Training (SPT)

It's important to feel confident in selecting and recommending products. That’s why we created the Sunshine Product Training. This training is based on the following key ideas:Strengthening and…

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The Holistic Approach to Disease

We are not machines, so why is our approach to healing primarily mechanical or chemical?Whether people use modern medicine or alternative medicine, most people approach disease from a mechanical/chemical…

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The Sunshine Sharing Hour

The Sunshine Sharing Hour (SSH)

For over three decades, Steven Horne has been producing educational materials to help people build successful businesses helping others with herbs, supplements and natural healing techniques. His materials…

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