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It's important  to feel confident in selecting and recommending products. That’s why we created the Sunshine Product Training. This training is based on the following key ideas:

  • Strengthening and Balancing Body Systems
  • Knowing Key Remedies for Therapeutic Slots

Once you understand how herbs and supplements can be used to strengthen and balance the body systems and the best remedies for each therapeutic slot getting results becomes much easier.

This program goes over each of the eleven different body systems covering how each system can be out of balance and the basic actions or therapeutic slots that can be used to strengthen and rebuild that system. In each session Steven will focus on the top remedies from Nature’s Sunshine Products for those therapeutic slots and why they are the best ones.

Remember herbs and supplements are not magic bullets for relieving disease symptoms the way drugs do. They are broad-acting remedies that support the natural mechanisms the body uses to heal itself. Understanding this will help you recommend herbs and supplements both legally and effectively. Join Steven for his Sunshine Product Training and start learning how you can too.

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This school is based out of St. George, UT and primarily does online and correspondence classes. Teachers include Steven Horne and Thomas Easely.
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