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We are not machines, so why is our approach to healing primarily mechanical or chemical?

Whether people use modern medicine or alternative medicine, most people approach disease from a mechanical/chemical approach to healing. They use drugs or herbs and supplements to adjust the chemistry of the body and surgery or massage therapy, chiropractic or other physical therapies to handle the mechanical. 

But what about the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our nature? These are largely ignored in modern medicine. Even natural healers usually fail to address them.

We need to integrate our understanding of healing, approaching both the physical and the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our nature. In my experience, people generally focus on healing as if it were all physical or all mental, emotional and spiritual. I think healing should involve both. The best approach is to integrate working on the physical body and the invisible part of our nature (whether you call it the soul, spirit, consciousness) at the same time. 

This is the approach I've taken for two decades. We'll talk about both in this webinar series. The first two webinars are free to the public. Register for them here: https://events.genndi.com/channel/wholisticapproach

The remaining programs are member-only.

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