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Steven Horne has helped thousands of people succeed with herbs and natural healing. He has spent over 30 years creating powerful, practical tools to help people improve their health using herbs and naturaling healing and to help others do the same. Join his member program to help support him and gain the following valuable benefits:

Online access to the online research database where you can research conditions, products, body systems, therapies, webinars and more—all in a easily searchable database.

Monthly training in natural healing techniques using herbs, nutrition, dietary supplements and lifestyle changes as well as emotional healing and other holistic techniques through our webinars.

Access to the archive of all of the previous webinars, over 200 in all, including handouts and PowerPoint presentations, so you review the material at any time and use it to teach you own classes and grow you own business.

Your custom page at where people that need your help can find out about you and your business.

Member only Sunshine Sharing newsletter.

If you're interested in herbs and natural healing, we invite you to join. Becoming a member is easy. Sign up online today with no obligation to continue.

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You can find even more about the full benefits below.

1. Receive monthly training to build your business

Numerous herbalists have learned that teaching regular classes really helps to build their business. Which is why each month Steven teaches new classes on a wide variety of natural health topics to help you learn and teach that information to others

Regular classes are a great way to grow your clientele because marketing herbs and nutritional supplements relies on informational marketing to be effective and legal. People are looking for ways to overcome their health problems, but you can't legally make disease claims about herbs or supplements or promote themselves as being able to treat diseases. Teaching classes educates consumers as to how natural healing can help them.

As a member you can watch each new webinar live on the date given and ask questions on the topic. Every class is also recorded and added to the archive so you won't miss anything and can review the materials at any time along with the class handouts and PowerPoints.

This archive contains over two hundred different classes that you can watch to learn for yourself or use to teach your own classes. With this information you can easily teach weekly or monthly classes and because we provide the Powerpoints you can create customize presentations for different groups and audiences.

We have several different webinar series that are available to members. Here is what each one is about:

Learn about natural healing through monthly health education with Steven Horne

With decades of experience, Steven Horne is a master at teaching people about natural healing, so through the The Sunshine Sharing Hour webinars, in addition to learning from his expertise, you will also have great class materials you can use to pass the information on to others.

Each webinar goes into depth on a different natural healing topic. Steven covers different health problems including information on how to recognize and what can be done to help with them and different kinds of herbs, supplements and strategies to increase health.

With Steven Horne teaching you, you'll also be able to use handouts and PowerPoint presentations to teach your own classes without having to start from scratch.

Sunshine Sharing Hour Webinars



Remember even if you can't make the live webinars they are all recorded and uploaded so you can watch them whenever you want, play them for a customers, or load them on an mp3 player to listen to whenever you want. You can see new upcoming webinars and see the full archives of The Sunshine Sharing Hour.

Since Steven normally charges $20-30 for a single webinar class, the Sunshine Sharing Hour alone is well worth the cost of membership.

The webinars are very helpful. In fact, my husband was recently diagnosed with Crohn's disease, and putting the information Steven shared on autoimmune diseases to work, my husband's condition improved dramatically.
Connie Lindmier, WY
You do a great job, so I'm not sure how you could improve it. I think the webinars are great, and the newsletters are an effective marketing tool in our classes and in our mailings.
Tina Carter, FL

Learn how to build your business with Business Coaching webinars

Explore an archive of two years of Business Coaching webinars Steven produced to train members how to build, run and promote their business. So, as a member you not only have an archive of business building information and presentations, you also have access to business training to help you manage your business better.

2. Research hundreds of health problems, herbal formulas, single herbs and more

When you become a member, you'll have access to an amazing database of information. All the material found in The Comprehensive Guide to Nature's Sunshine Products, plus all the information in Modern Herbal Medicine, is available on your phone, tablet or computer. This database lists over 400 health problems links them to hundreds of single herbs, nutritional supplements and herbal formulas, in a highly searchable and interactive way. It also links them to the webinars we have done on that topic for more in depth information.

We invite you to join Steven's member program and discover all the amazing information it contains.

3. Promote your business at

Another benefit members have is the ability to promote their business by activating their member profile. The directory of herbalists at allows people to search for you by zip code or by what modalities and services you offer. As we continue to promote and expand, your listing will enable people searching for someone with your skills and expertise to find you.

4. Educate your customers and boost sales with the Sunshine Sharing Newsletter

Each issue of Sunshine Sharing is written to cover a different health topic teaching what it is and various herbs and formulas that can be used in a direct and easy-to-read manner. Topics range from arthritis, depression, gluten intolerance, blood pressure and more.

As a member you'll be able to read each issue and create a customized link to share and teach other people too.

In addition Sunshine Sharing to the included online version you can opt in to have them shipped to you that you can send out as newsletter or used as handouts for customers or students. The cost for this is $8 per bundle of 25 newsletters plus $6 shipping

Members can also get an electronic version of Sunshine Sharing customized for their business. This PDF file can be mailed to everyone in your organization, posted on your website and used to promote your business. Your name, business and contact information will be locked on each page of the PDF file so anyone who forwards it will be lead back to your business. Cost for this service is $35 per month.

Sunshine Sharing subscribers report that the newsletter really helps them promote their business. Here are some comments from some of our existing members.

We've had people sign up as NSP distributors just to get the Sunshine Sharing newsletter! It's a great way to stay in touch with your customers, and they generate business.
Elmer S., Garnett, KS
We send about 300 Sunshine Sharing newsletters to our customers every month. They love the content because it's interesting and Steven Horne is a masterful teacher. It's a real sales booster for us.
Leanne T., Aledo, IL
I don't know how the Sunshine Sharing program could be improved. We make sure everyone in our downline receives the newsletter each month and that they use it as a marketing tool. It's a great sales booster.
Dick W., Chesterfield, VA
The Member program is a tremendous asset to our business. The newsletters are professionally written, very informative, and have real marketing value.
Susan F., Sterling, MA
You guys do an outstanding job, and the Member program is awesome! The single most valuable resource for me is the webinars and the archives because the information helps me expand my knowledge and skills in order to serve my clients and build my business.
Sherry Moore, Big Pine, CA

If you have any questions or comments please contact us at 1-800-416-2887.

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