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The Fundamentals of Natural Healing course is designed to build a solid understanding of health and disease from a holistic perspective, and to provide practical training in how to heal all the common health problems individuals and families are likely to experience. This includes first aid treatment of injuries, techniques for relieving pain, tools for treating acute and chronic illness, and even how to work with stress and common mental and emotional problems. I've also called this my Dr. Mom, Dr. Dad course because it empowers parents to take care of most of their family's health problems. You not only learn what works, but you also understand why it works which gives you greater confidence in applying the techniques. 

Specifically, you'll learn about self-help pain relief, basic herbalism, herbal hydrotherapy, good nutrition, and stress management in this class. The entire course is extremely practical.  In each lesson, you'll gain knowledge and skills you can immediately apply. By the end of this class, you'll know how to use herbal first aid, treat common infectious diseases, rapidly take the pain out of injuries, improve your diet, and even manage your mental attitude and emotions better.  


The Certified Herbal Consultant program is a series of eight courses offered by the School of Modern Herbal Medicine to give people the knowledge they need to use commercial herbal products and nutritional…