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In this webinar, I discussed various products rather openly. I did this because this is a closed group. You have to be a member to access this information. It is not available to the general public, which allows me to be more open.

I tried to make it clear in the webinar and wish to restate it here, that we do not know what remedies will work against the coronavirus because nobody has any practical experience in working with it from which they can speak from experience. The main point of this webinar (besides urging people not to give in to fear and learn to be prepared for any emergency) is that natural healing has never been about directly attacking microbes.

Instead, we boost the immune system and support what it is trying to do to restore balance to the body. We are more concerned with the biological terrain than the microbe. Thus, I was not claiming or even implying that any products mentioned would cure COVID-19. I was simply suggesting products that would do one of two things: 1) strengthen the body and/or the immune system to aid the body's natural resistance to ALL disease and 2) would support the symptoms the body generates in order to fight the disease, which is the approach I've used to all infections for nearly 40 years. 

Please, when sharing information with your clients or group, do not misrepresent the information. Do not claim that any particular product will cure COVID-19. Our industry is under FTC scrutiny and if you publicly attach specific products to COVID-19 claiming they are "cures," it exposes us all to greater legal issues. Thanks for your co-operation in this matter.

Next Week's Webinar

I'll be doing a paid webinar (with updates) next week. We set this up as a paid webinar and don't have any way of registering people for free. If you'd like to attend you will need to pay. This public webinar will not mention any brand name products. It will have some new information I didn't cover last night because I'm still researching this. For instance, just today, I got a copy of a PowerPoint from a Chinese medical doctor in China about how they are using TCM to treat COVID-19. Here's the link to next week's webinar, which you can share with others if you'd like:

About this Webinar

Every couple of years the media starts reporting about the threat of some new virus or disease that's going around. Asian flu, swine flu, SARS, Ebola and now the coronavirus. Every time this happens I get messages from people asking, "What can we do about this?" 

I never panic over these things. Not simply because nothing really comes of all the hype, but simply because I'm prepared for emergencies. I'm prepared not just physically, I'm also prepared with knowledge about what to do for disease (and other emergencies) and spiritually in my understanding of life. 

The biggest lesson I'm trying to communicate in this webinar is about managing fear and why it's good to prepare for emergencies before they happen. Join me for this special webinar as we discuss these issues. This webinar is available to all members for free. 

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