Parenting!  It’s a New World!

UGH! Parenting can be tough! Parenting can be lonely! Parenting can be disturbing, overwhelming, tiring, confusing, frustrating, aggravating, scary and more.

Your parenting, however, can now become fulfilling, confident, calm, energizing, rewarding and even happy with the right help.

I am offering opportunities for parents to get the right help.  This is an opportunity to move from where you are in the confusing world to the confident world in short order.

I am devoted to helping parents discover their way out of chaos and confusion to confident parenthood.  Of course grandparents and child care givers are welcome.

You may wish to accept a 45-minute Complimentary, Private, Parent Discovery Session that will 

1.) Clarify your current parenting challenges

2.) Discover how positive, practical practices can take you from ineffective parenting to positive approach  parenting on 4 different levels.

My weekly blogs will bring you positive parenting skills at

On Zoom and Facebook you will find that I offer Steps That Move You form Overwhelm to Calm and Confident.

You Will Be:

  • Guided and supported with proven success principles by a certified parent coach since 2008 with recent updated certification from Jai Institute for parent trainers.
  • You will be supported in becoming the kind of parent you want to be.
  • You will have a knowledgeable, well-seasoned parent coach who will lead you to a stress-free family.
  • Together we will address the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual domains of parenting.

You may also find even more benefits for your family when you schedule a one-on-one, private, personalized coaching session or a 3-month Parent Advantage Package.

Are you ready?

A 45 minute Complimentary, Private, Parent Discovery Session with Barbara is ready for you at your request.


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