Hello, I am Beverly DuBose Toerner. I am a Master Herbalist and Iridologist with 24+ years experience. I am also a Certified ZYTO Select and Evox Consultant with the ability to work remotely, if you have access to a hand cradle. Ask about remote hosting sites. I am happy to travel a distance from where I live to those that would like to host me with a group of 5 or more. I am a Certified Health and Weight Loss Coach. I am a licensed massage therapist, however only do limited body work. My passion is education and working with children, parents and grandparents and caregivers to raise healthy children and add quality years to our adult and senior population! I love helping others to improve their quality of life!

Personal story:

I had thyroid cancer at age 24, and made a few changes in diet... didn't believe in herbs UNTIL I almost lost my son at at age 12 due to doctors' overuse of antibiotics in an attemp to clear up a sinus infection near the brain. He was sick for an ENTIRE YEAR and bed-ridden the last 4 MONTHS of that year. He lost 10 pounds and that wasn't something he needed to have happen. His white count was 1100 and his red count was off. He was throwing up from the headaches so the doctor added Loritab in addition to the sinus sprays and decongestants. Nothing was working. MD Anderson performed a bone marrow test. My son was dying in front of my eyes and I was a Mom on a mission to DO something. Out of desperation when MD Anderson wanted to do an experiment on him, I contacted a friend in Elgin, IL who sent me three wonderful herbs. Echinacea for white count, Yellow Dock for red count and Fenugreek & Thyme to clear out the cattarh/hardened mucous in the sinus cavities. In TWO WEEKS my son woke up without a headache for the first time in 4 MONTHS and his white count went from 1100 to 4000 during those two weeks!!! I cried with joy the day he was able to get out of bed and ride his bicycle again. Herbs truly work. Yes, I still utilize allopathic ways when necessary. But I always integrate herbs to clean up the damage or to facilitate when possible. With the new Silver Shield and so many other wonderful herbs to work with - my go to: Herbs, Homeopathy & Essential Oils! Lots of water and a clean balanced diet.

As a follow up on the people that DID do the experipent that MD Anderson wanted to do with my son, those participants developed cancer 5 years later. So thankful we didn't choose the experiment. Herbs are tried and true!

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