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Verna - I started learning about herbs through Nature's Sunshine in 1977.  I was so thrilled to learn of a natural means to take care of our bodies. I am highly allergic to many drugs. So I needed something to keep me well and to treat any problems I might have. I quickly became a manager and have been one ever since.  I love helping people to better health through herbs and vitamins and good water.

I am now 97 years old. I have macular degeneration and am doing the best I can. My daughter, Linda Fortner, now helps me with all the things I can't see to do. But my mind is good and I haven't forgotten how great the herbs are.

Verna passed away on May 4, 2018 at the age of 97. Nature's Helpers is now being managed by her daughter, Linda Fortner, and granddaughter, Jennifer Echols.


Linda - I am Verna's daughter My mother's knowledge about herbs is very impressive.  She has studied and read about Nature's Sunshine herbs and combinations. She really knows her herbs. She is amazing to all of her family and friends.  I help her out with all the necessary paperwork that has to be done. I have been involved for many years but helping her more actively recently has helped my knowledge to grow.  She works by appointment now. So please call me at 863-686-3024 for an appointment.

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Linda Fortner:863-686-3024
Linda Fortner:863-581-5777
Jennifer Echols:863-860-2147

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Linda Fortner



5814 Hart Road
Lakeland, FL 33810


By appointment.  Please call Linda Fortner at 863-686-3024 to set up appointment. Thank you.

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