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Steven Horne's Books and Publications

Here is a list of the publications, courses and educational materials Steven Horne has developed over the years.

Books Currently in Print

TheHeartsKey.jpgThe Heart's Key to Health, Happiness and Success
An introduction to emotional healing and the importance of the heart in creating a healthy, happy and successful life. It i
s based on 24 years of experience and research. The techniques discussed in this book have created breakthroughs in healing both physical and mental illness in hundreds of people. They have helped people improve their relationships and find greater success in their careers.  Most importantly, these techniques have increased the happiness people experience in their lives. Available through Tree of Light

 NSP-Comprehensive-Guide.jpgThe Comprehensive Guide to Nature's Sunshine Products
A useful guide to NSP's herbal formulas complete with historical uses, ingredients, usage information and warnings and contraindications. It
provides a therapeutic index to over 500 health problems, providing information on causes, natural therapies and NSP products people have used to help their body recover from these conditions. Available from Tree of Light. 


The ABC Herbal
A simple guide to herbal remedies for children and families. Available from Tree of Light.

ComingClean.gifComing Clean: Your Guide to Detoxification
In modern society, we understand the importance of cleanliness. We wash dishes, vacuum our carpets, sweep our floors, take our cars to the car wash and launder our clothes. However, few people devote any thought to keep themselves clean on the inside, a process known as cleansing or detoxification. This is a guide to cleansing the body using Nature's Sunshine Products.  Available from Tree of Light.


Current Courses and Certification Programs

Certified Herbal Consultant (CHC) Program

The CHC program consists of the following eight courses available from Tree of Light.

Fundamentals of Natural Healing
A course in the basic tools for natural health care in the home. Teaches how to relieve pain and reverse the damage in many common injuries in minutes, how to get rid of colds, sore throats, fevers, earaches, and other acute ailments, usually in hours, and the basics for keeping yourself and your family healthy.

The ABC+D Approach to Natural Health Consulting
A course in the basics of natural health consulting using the Activate, Build, Cleanse and Direct Aid model. Explains the Disease Tree and the body system's approach to selecting appropriate supplements to help others improve their health. Builds on the foundational concepts in Fundamentals of Natural Healing.

Practical Iridology
An iridology course focusing on how to assess a person's constitutional strengths and weaknesses in the iris of the eye. This is a unique approach to reading eyes that teaches a person how to start with the general patterns and then move to more specific details. Helps a person discover what is significant and most important to pay attention to when reading the iris.

Practical Tools for Health Assessment
A course in glandular body typing, muscle testing, tongue and pulse analysis as tools for assessing a person's health needs. This course integrates all of these tools with the concepts in Fundamentals of Natural Healing and The ABC+D Approach to create an integrated approach to assessing what a person needs.

Nature's Pharmacy
This course contains basic information on over 300 herbs, including the 168 herbs selected seven years ago by top herbalists in the American Herbalists Guild as the most important herbs for herbalists to know. It teaches 12 energetic patterns to herbal remedies, basic plant chemistry and .

Herbal Preparations and Applications
Come into my kitchen via DVD and learn how to make herbal prepartions like tinctures, glycerites, salves, poultices, etc. and creative methods of applying herbs in baths, enemas, fomentations, compresses and more.

Activating the Healing Response
This course is an in-depth look at the nervous and glandular system. The nervous and glandular systems are the control systems of the body. They help regulate all the other processes of the body through three types chemical messengers endocrine hormones, paracrine hormones (which include neurotransmitters) and autocrine hormones. This course discusses how these chemical messengers work and how to balance them using herbs, nutrition and other natural means.

Secrets of Chinese Herbs
Co-authored with K.P. Khalsa this course offers an in-depth look at Nature's Sunshine's Chinese herb formulas and an overview of the principles of traditional Chinese medicine.

Professional Herbalist Training Program

I am currently developing a professional herbalist training program with my friend and fellow AHG professional, Thomas Easley.  Our first nine modules are our Advanced Herbal Training program.  We're also doing a field botany class.

Advanced Herbal Training Modules

Module One: Herbs for the Immune System
This module covered a variety of antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and immune stimulating and modulating remedies in depth.

Module Two: Herbs for the Circulatory System
This module covered a variety of herbs to reduce blood pressure, stimulate circulation and support the heart.

Module Three: Herbs for the Respiratory System
This module covered herbs for relieving congestion, asthma and other respiratory problems.

Module Four: Herbs for the Nervous System
This module discussed various nervine herbs, sedatives and brain and nervous system tonics in depth.

Module Five: Herbs for Detoxification
This module discussed laxatives (both bulk and stimulating) and herbs for the liver.

Module Six: Herbs for the Glandular System
This module will discuss herbs for the thyroid, pancreas and male and female reproductive glands.


Publications No Longer in Print

ABC's of Children's Health
Booklet, audio CD and brochure on children's remedies. Out of print.

Ancient Herbs: Modern Times
A short guide to NSP's Chinese herbal formulas. Out of Print. The material has been updated in the Secrets of Chinese Herbs course from Tree of Light. Much of it is also found in our Comprehensive Guide to Nature's Sunshine Products.

Comprehensive Guide to Commercial Herb Formulas
A guide to commercial herb formulas. No longer in print, but information from this book will be available for download at a later date. We are working on a new version.

Constitutional Iridology
A consise guide to iridolgy as a means of constitutional assessment. Out of print. Material is now available in Practical Iridology course available from Tree of Light Publishing.

Endocrine Symphony, The

Discusses the seven glandular body types, pineal, pituitary, thyroid, thymus, adrenal, pancreatic and reproductive. Out of print. Coming soon as an ebook. Material will be part of my Health Assessment course.

Herbal Liquids and the TincTract Method (co-authored with L. Carl Robinson)
Booklet describing the TincTract method of herbal processing and the value of glycerine as an extraction medium for herbal products. Out of print.

Herbal Liquids for Children (co-authored with L. Carl Robinson and Dianne Murry)
Herbal formulas for children designed by Steven Horne and L. Carl Robinson. Out of print, but available for download at Tree of Light Website.

Natural Remedies for Common Health Conditions
Booklet featuring NSP products for common health conditions. Out of print.

Pain Relief without Medication book and video (co-authored with L. Carl Robinson)
Out of print, but material has been incorporated into my Fundamentals of Natural Healing course.

Systematic Guide to Natural Remedies, The
Booklet featuring historical uses of NSP products. Replaced by the The Comprehensive Guide to Nature's Sunshine Products.

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Booklet, audio CD and brochure. Out of print.

Understanding Chinese Constitutional Herbology
Booklet on NSP's Chinese herbal formulas. Out of print.

Whole Body Cleansing
Booklet, audio CD and brochure on cleansing with Nature's Sunshine Products. Out of print.

Master of Holistic Healing course
This comprehensive course provided basic training in herbs, nutrition, herbal energetics, iridology, muscle testing, body systems, consulting and emotional healing. Out of print.

Tools for Healing: Body, Mind and Spirit course
This course discussed emotional healing using flower essences, aromatherapy, question affirmations and a unique emotional map of the body based on the tree of life. Out of print.

Health Through Nutrition course
A brief introduction to herbs and nutrition. Out of print.

Other Educational Materials Steven Horne Has Produced

Nature’s Field Journal (editor and contributing author for 24 years)

Sunshine Sharing newsletter (editor and contributing author for 20 years)

Herbal Hour Videos

HealthWise video series (host)

Back Issues CD of Nature’s Field and Sunshine Sharing (project overseer)

SunHerb Computer Database

Contributed data for Herb Librarian Computer Program

Contributed data for PlanetHerb Computer Program


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