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Growing older is inevitable, but wasting away with chronic and degenerative disease doesn’t have to be part of that process. Many people have proven that it’s possible to live to a “ripe old age” while still having the health and energy necessary to enjoy life. 

We all grow older—that’s inevitable. But, why do we age? 

To put it a different way, why do the majority of people develop chronic health problems as they get older? Is this genetic? Are we programmed to develop chronic disease in our later years of life? 

This seems to be the prevailing attitude about aging, because we often hear that the high rates of cancer, heart disease and diabetes in Western civilization are due to the fact people are living longer. But is this really true? 

A little thought and investigation would suggest it’s not. First of all, some people are able to live to a “ripe old age” staying relatively active and healthy. This isn’t just the “luck” of genetics as modern research shows that genetic expression is largely governed by environmental factors like nutrition and mental attitudes. 

Furthermore, diseases like cancer, diabetes and other illnesses associated with aging are becoming more and more prevalent at younger ages. When we add this to the fact that many older people, who have developed chronic illnesses have reversed them and improved their health by changing their diet and lifestyle, we see that one’s chronological age is not the same as the process we call aging.

In this Herbal Hour we explore seven lifestyle changes you can make to help maintain your health as you grow older. These include: 

  1. Keep your blood sugar stable
  2. Eat nutritionally dense food
  3. Avoid chemicals and chemical additives
  4. Drink plenty of water
  5. Balance rest and exercise
  6. Keep a positive attitude
  7. Use appropriate supplements


November 30, 2016
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  • Aging (prevention)
  • Metabolic Syndrome


  • Anti-aging

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