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Growing older is inevitable, but wasting away with chronic and degenerative disease doesn’t have to be part of that process. Many people have proven that it’s possible to live to a “ripe old age” while still having the health and energy necessary…

November 30, 2016
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  • Aging (prevention)
  • Metabolic Syndrome


  • Anti-aging
In the Herbal Hour, Steven Horne joins forces with Thomas Easley to discuss our monthly topic from a more generic perspective. The Herbal Hour focuses on single herbs and nutrients in solving health problems…
Sunshine Sharing - Vol. 27 # 12
Growing Older Doesn’t Have to Mean Getting Sicker

Don’t Grow Sicker as You Grow Older, Turn Back Your Biological Clock and Reduce Your Metabolic AgeIt’s inevitable that we all get older, but it isn’t inevitable that you have to get sicker at the same time. Metabolic age (the health of your body…

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