In this episode of The Healthy Perspective Show, I start off by discussing the need to balance science and art in healing. I discuss science, not as a "final answer" that tells us the ultimate truth, but as the search for "accurate knowledge" so we can understand how the universe works and how we can create useful things that work consistently. I explain the problems we encounter with trying to think of the body is simply a machine and the fact that people respond differently to the same substance (herb or drug) and that response depends on their genetics, constitution, lifestyle, and beliefs.  This is why placebo and nocebo effect exists, and why we should not force people to accept treatments they don't believe in or think will harm them. 
I also talk about sleep problems and things we can do to help people overcome them. I use this as an example of how we have to do our detective work to figure out what will work for each individual. It's an eclectic approach that says, we want to find whatever works best for the person, whether it is allopathic, homeopathic, naturopathic, chiropractic, herbal, or whatever. It's an important message so please share it with those who need to hear this. 

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