Contrary to what most people think, your intelligence and ability to remember isn’t a set thing. There are ways to enhance a your ability to remember information and even increase your intelligence. So, at this month’s Herbal Hour we want to introduce you to ways you can boost your brain power. For starters, nutrition plays a big role in enhancing the clarity of your mind. In particular, the intelligence of children can be greatly enhanced with good nutrition. In fact, your brain is the most chemically sensitive organ in the body, so your nutritional intake greatly influences how your mind functions. For instance, when it comes to being smart, you want to become a “fat head.” That’s because 50% of the dry weight of your brain is fats. So, good fats like DHA and other omega-3 fatty acids are absolutely critical to keeping your brain healthy. There are also herbs that have been traditionally viewed as memory-enhancing. Modern research confirms the fact that these herbs have positive influence on your brain. Beyond herbs and nutrition, however, there are simple techniques you can learn that will dramatically increase your ability to remember and process information. We’ll cover these and other tips for making yourself smarter at this month’s Herbal Hour. The intelligent thing to do is to mark your calendar now so that you won’t forget to join us!

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