This program explains why focusing on treating diseases, and more especially basing those treatments simply on a disease name, doesn't work in restoring health. At best it results in temporary relief. Diseases and their accompanying symptoms are effects and they won't be permanently resolved until you understand what's causing them and fix the cause. The idea of treating diseases and especially of "fighting" diseases, as if they were an entity unto themselves, is so ingrained in our culture that it's difficult to get people to shift their thinking. 

That's why this program is so important. You won't get lasting or consistent results with your health (or with helping others) until you make this paradigm shift. 

Steven also spends time on this video talking in general about how to shift from negative thinking to positive thinking, not just with your health but with everything else in life. He explains why you'll get more of whatever you focus your mind on. 

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Learn about holistic health — nutrition, herbs, aromatherapy, flower essences, bodywork, mental and emotional healing and much more with Steven Horne, author, and teacher with 35 years of experience…