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Love brings people together and allows relationships to continue in a positive and harmonious manner. Love between people, whether husbands and wives, parents and children or friends is built by doing things that meet other people's emotional needs. This has been compared to making deposits in an emotional bank account. The greater the deposits a person has with us, the greater the love we feel towards them.

Conversely, we can also make withdrawals from a person's emotional bank account. These withdrawals cause us to lose feelings of love for another. If a person's withdrawals make their emotional balance with us to low, we start to feel indifferent towards them. If their account gets overdrawn, we start to dislike that person and no longer want to be around them.

Most of us are guilty of using love busters from time to time. So, if we want love to flourish we need to learn how to eliminate them from our relationships. So, in this webinar, we'll discuss what these love destroying behaviors are and how we can learn to eliminate them from our relationships.

January 8, 2015
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