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Our mind is an amazing instrument. More powerful than any computer ever made, it operates every automatic process in the body, as well as allowing us to process incoming sensory data, remember important information, solve problems, exercise creativity and take action on our goals and dreams.

Unfortunately, many people are not taking proper care of the amazing brain they have been given. Inflammation in the brain, imbalances in blood sugar, lack of vital nutrients and environmental toxins can all take their toll on the mind. As a result people can start to experience fuzzy thinking, commonly called "brain fog," emotional imbalances like anxiety and depression and ultimately cognitive decline and memory loss.

Losing our mental abilities and memory are not an inevitable part of the aging process, however. We are capable of producing new brain cells at any age, so we do not have to lose our mental abilities have to decline as we grow older or experience life-disrupting emotional problems like anxiety and depression.

In this month's Herbal Hour, we'll discuss several things that can cause mental decline as we age. We'll talk about diet and lifestyle choices that help us maintain a sound mind and keep our memory sharp, as well as specific herbs and nutrients that can help us maintain a sound mind. 

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