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We are often encouraged to be "realistic," which means to believe in the material or natural world and to not hold onto ideas or beliefs that do not conform with what has already been observed and proved.  But if we look deeply into the question, "What is real?" we find out that the world and all the objects in it are not the solid, dense things they appear to be. In fact, they are not only mostly empty space, they are actually nothing more than fleeting vibrations. This understanding of the universe, which comes not from metaphysics or the study of the supernatural, but rather from modern quantum science can help to open our mind to the idea that we can influence matter with our thoughts. In other words, what we think has an influence on the real world. Our thoughts, and the feelings that attach to them, are actually altering the vibrations which make up what appears to be solid matter. The truth is that we have far more power over our lives than the "realists" could ever imagine. We'll explore this idea in this Holistic Perspective webinar. Don't miss these "mind-blowing" and life-changing ideas, as I explain how the vibrations of thought are just as real as the vibrations of the material universe. 

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The Holistic Perspective

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