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Let’s face it. Everyone enjoys a little treat now and then. But for millions of Americans, what should be an occasional treat has become a staple of the diet. High sugar foods like soda pop, candy, pastries, donuts and ice cream are now consumed in large quantities almost every day. Deep fried foods, pizza and other convenience foods, often high in calories and low in vitamins and minerals, are also daily staples for most people. 

The results of this high consumption of “junk foods” are tremendous problems with obesity, diabetes, heart disease, mood disorders like anxiety and depression, learning problems in children and problems with teeth, bones and joints. Most people are probably aware that they should be eating healthier, but actually getting themselves to make the transition is an entirely different problem. 

This is partly due to the fact that simple sugars are highly addictive. In fact, most fast and convenience foods are designed to be addictive, so you can’t eat just one little serving without craving more. So, how do you break the junk food addiction for yourself and your family so you can enjoy the good health you both desire and deserve? Well that’s exactly what we’ll be discussing in this month’s Herbal Hour. 

We’ll be talking about the serious consequences our junk food culture is having on our health and the health of our children. We’ll discuss how to transition away from high sugar and processed foods by making healthier substitutes for the foods we crave. We’ll also talk about herbs and supplements that can help to reduce cravings for sugar and processed foods, while balancing our blood sugar and enhancing our mood. 

Making the switch to a healthier diet does take effort, but the increased energy, improved mood and alertness and the overall improvement in our health make the effort well worth it. Join us and learn how you can overcome your “junk food junkie” cravings and improve your diet without making yourself feel deprived of those treats we all enjoy.

May 27, 2015
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