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Music has a powerful effect on our mind, emotions and even our physical body. Much of the emotional impact of a movie is created by its musical score, the background music that is manipulating our emotions as we watch the scenes and listen to the dialog. Music can even be a tool for healing as the right type of music can help us relax, become more positive and motivated, and otherwise move into a mental and emotional space conducive to healing. 

In this webinar, we'll discuss the power of music, including the positive or negative influence of specific types of music. Studies have shown that the right type of music can help plants grow better while other types actually harm plants. Certain types of music actually help people learn faster, while other types of music create inner discord and distress. However, the main focus of this webinar will not be on the music itself, but the words or lyrics that accompany the music. 

If you really listen to the words of many very popular songs, you'll rapidly discover that the primary messages are very negative. And, since these words tend to repeat themselves in our brains over and over again due to the powerful effect of the music that accompanies them, they are subtly programming our subconscious mind with very negative beliefs. In fact, much of this is deliberate, as there are people with power and money who deliberately use the music industry to subtly manipulate people's thoughts and emotions. 

You, however, have the power to counteract this by rewriting the lyrics, something Steven will explain in this webinar. He'll provide you with practical examples of popular songs that are programming your brain with very negative and self-limiting beliefs and talk about how he rewrites the words to these songs to use the music to program his own subconscious with positive and uplifting messages.

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