My previous recording of this show was made right after two mass shootings on the same day. As the media spun their stories about gun control, political rhetoric and hate speech, I know that these things have been around for a couple of hundred years in America. Americans have traditionally owned guns, based each other with political rhetoric and spewed hate at various groups. Mass shootings, however, are a relatively recent problem and started in the late 1980s. 

A friend of mine, Anne Blake Tracey, clued me in to the relationship between violent behavior and SSRIs almost two decades ago. I learned how they reduced empathy and numbed conscience. SSRIs increase the risk of violent behavior and suicide, especially when abruptly discontinuing them or changing dosages. I explain this in this video. One issue I didn't mention in these videos is that I understand that SSRIs are being given to our military without their consent. Since it numbs conscience, it helps soldiers be more aggressive. However, when they come home and suddenly aren't getting these anymore, many of them go into rebound depression and commit suicide. This is a national tragedy.

We need to educate people about this problem, which is why I present this video. Since I'm worried about it getting censored on YouTube, I'm also uploading it to Vimeo.

The Healthy Perspective Serotonin and Violence from Steven Horne on Vimeo.

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