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This is a continuation of the theme of The Holistic perspective webinar, Let Freedom Ring, where we discussed unalienable rights, morality and the golden rule. This webinar continues this discussion by discussing the concept of common law as well as how it applies to justice, mercy and forgiveness. In it, I explain how the idea of unalienable rights is the foundation of common law and how common law differs from ruler's law. I explain why a republic, based on common law, is a government where "we the people" have the power.

I also explain concepts like due process of law, separation of powers, just powers, the delegation of responsibility and equity and in-equity (iniquity).  I also explain how liberty, responsibility and accountability work together as well as why the zero aggression principle is so important for the creation of a peaceful society. Although this webinar has political ideas in it (based on the thoughts of America's founding fathers), it's really about how all of this applies to our moral behavior towards others. I hope you take the time to watch this important webinar and the one that preceded it. 

August 9, 2016
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