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Our first interview is with Thomas Easley, who is the co-author of two books with Steven Horne, Modern Herbal Medicine and Modern Herbal Dispensatory. He has taught numerous courses with Steven, including an Advanced Herbal Training program. Thomas was also the co-host of the Herbal Hour series, which has been discontinued. 

Thomas has an amazing success story. Not only has he been very successful as an herbal and natural health consultant, he was able to acquire a 490-acre property to start his Wellspring Retreat Center. The story of how he did this shows how it's possible to make big dreams come true through the power of vision, persistence and a willingness to ask. Thomas also gives some great tips about how to get clients for an herbal consulting business.

Don't miss the valuable insights Thomas has to share. Also, although this video is unlisted on our YouTube channels, members can go to YouTube, copy the link and share the video with anyone they think might benefit from this information. 

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