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Starting in the 1960s, it became politically incorrect to suggest that there were any differences between the sexes that weren't the result of cultural conditioning. Unfortunately, this attitude hasn't improved relationships between the sexes, because it leads people to disrespect the actual differences in men and women. If you assume that someone of the other sex thinks and perceives things the way you do, then you're going to be intolerant when their thoughts and viewpoints don't match up with your own.

Research shows that there is are major differences in the way that testosterone and estrogen "program" the human body. The influence of these hormones affects the five senses, the way the brain processes information and other biological differences in men and women. Understanding these differences is helpful in creating better communication in relationships, better self-esteem by helping us realize that we're "normal" when we don't think or perceive things the way the opposite sex does and will even influence how we go about helping people.

In this special webinar we'll discuss these differences and what they mean in terms of emotional health and our relationships. This information has been of great help to me, both personally and professionally. I look forward to sharing it with you.

March 4, 2014
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