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Flower essences are homeopathic-like remedies made from flowers. They are used to help people heal on a mental and emotional level. Edward Bach, an English physician, developed the original 38 Bach flower remedies and since then, many other people have created more flower remedies. In this webinar, we're going to talk about the idea of signatures, and how a plant's appearance, growth pattern, and environment provide clues to its mental, emotional, and physical healing properties. We'll talk about how to read these signatures and use prayer, meditation, inspiration, and intuition to determine their values.  We'll also talk about how to make your own flower essences, enfleurages, and floral glycerites and test them with clients. 


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Steven was originally led to the study of herbal medicine as a teenager after he had a spiritual experience in which he saw the collapse of the electrical grid. He spent much of his teenage years learning…