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In any exchange we have with other people there are four possible outcomes. One is that we can win (i.e., get what we want) while the other person can lose (i.e., fail to get benefit from the transaction). The opposite may also happen, they might win while we lose. The problem with both of these outcomes is that they eventually lead to a third, which is lose/lose where both parties fail to get what they want. All our conflicts in relationships come because we operate in a win/lose or lose/win mindset that eventually results in two very unhappy people (lose/lose).

The only way to maintain healthy relationships is to foster a win/win attitude. That means we negotiate to achieve a positive outcome for both parties so that both ourselves and the person we are dealing with feel positive about the exchange.  

This sounds easy and we may even recognize the soundness of this philosophy, but how do we achieve it? All too often we try to fix things by letting ourselves lose so the other person can win, while hoping that they'll be willing to lose next time so we can win. Or, we may seek compromise, where each of us loses a little and wins a little. We may even think that we're helping the other person win because we're giving what we think they need in exchange for what we want. But, with all of these situations, the ultimate result is dissatisfaction and unhappy relationships. 

In this webinar, we'll discuss the philosophy of win/win, what it really means, and the strategies we can use to help foster win/win in our relationships. Whether we're a business, exchanging with customers, partners in a relationship, parents dealing with children or just friends, associating with other friends, adopting a win/win policy and working towards it is the only way to keep those relationships healthy and positive. Join us as we discuss this important concept and how to implement it in our lives.

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