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Where do you see the power to control your life coming from? Do you feel like your life is mostly dependent on what other people around you are doing? Or, do you feel that you are the primary person in control of your own life? You answer determines where your locus of control is found. If your locus of control is outside of yourself, then you feel dependent on society, friends, family and other people for the circumstances of your life. You will blame others for the misfortunes in your life and seek to change other people and the world around you to try to make your life better.

In contrast, if you have an internal locus of control, then you believe that it is your choices and your actions that determine the circumstances of your life. You believe that you improve your life by improving yourself, acquiring knowledge and skill that allows you to achieve the results you want. You don't blame others for your problems in life. Instead you take personal responsibility for your life.

Responsibility is literally the ability to respond. If you see your locus of control within, then you see yourself as being responsible for your life. This makes you able to respond to whatever life brings you in a positive manner—one that helps you move in the direction of your own well-being and happiness. You cannot change that for which which you are not responsible, because you have no ability to respond to it. 

This webinar is all about learning to move your locus of control inward by taking responsibility for your own life. It's about letting go of blame and feeling powerless to improve your life. If you feel stuck or trapped in bad relationships, difficult circumstances or unsolvable problems I encourage you to join us for this powerful webinar. 

November 15, 2016
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