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I think that parenting is one of the easiest and funnest jobs in the world. How can I possibly say that, especially when so many people find parenting difficult, challenging and exhausting? It's because of a book I read in 1980 when my oldest daughter was less than one year old. It's called Children the Challenge by Rudolf Dreikurs.

Through this book I learned what motivates children, what they need and want. Because parents don't understand what motivates children they unknowingly motivate children to bad behavior without even realizing that they are encouraging the very behaviors they want to eliminate in their children.

I also learned that rewards and punishments don't work! However, rewarding and punishing children is about all most people know how to do with children, mostly because that's the way they were raised. There is something that does work, however, and that is to allow children to experience natural and logical consequences.

Approaching parenting in this manner allows one to experience and express unconditional love and acceptance for children, something they respond to very readily. It creates family harmony and peace. It also teaches us how to get along with others better, and helps us face and heal our own childhood wounds.

Join us for this amazing class.

September 11, 2014
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