For forty years I've been trying to find ways to help people understand herbal medicine better. I believe ordinary people can solve most of their own health problems with some very basic tools such as diet, a healthy lifestyle, and herbal remedies. 

In my quest to make herbal medicine easier to understand, I've been gradually developing a Western system of herbal energetics. I've finally completed my herbal energetic chart, which will be released shortly. You can see a copy of the herbal energetics wheel I'll be discussing on the left.

Handouts can be downloaded at the bottom of the column on the right titled Steven's articles and the recording will be embedded below to watch. If you'd like to get the chart, book and/or class I talk about at the end of this webinar visit or call 800-416-2887 to order. 

Did you know that your blood type is is associated with different personality tendencies, responses to stress, immune reactions and tendencies to various health problems? Knowing your blood type can help you understand these issues and choose supplements that will help you.

Join Steven Horne and Kimberly Balas as they discuss supplements that can help people with each blood type (O, A, B, AB) to achieve a greater level of health. Don't miss this informative webinar that takes you beyond the blood type diet into blood type lifestyle and supplementation.

The class includes handouts and the recording will be available to watch afterwords.

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