• April 21, 2020

It's Time to Heal the Economy

The danger we face from shutting down our economy is greater than the danger we face from the coronavirus. Let's get sensible about economics and business. We need to educate people about how money really works as the lack of economic understanding in this country is causing people to buy into many false claims.This country was built on freedom. We are being urged to destroy our freedom in the name of safety. We need to reassert our freedoms. They come from God, not from man. Watch the replay below.…

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  • March 27, 2020

A Spiritual Perspective on the Current Crisis

http://www.gotostage.com/channel/special-stevenA discussion of what I believe are the deeper, spiritual issues that are behind the current national (and international) crisis.

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  • March 25, 2020

The Coronavirus: A Lesson in Fear, Immunity and Preparedness

Handouts for the webinar can be found on this page. 

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  • January 24, 2020

Justice, Mercy, and Forgiveness

So far, I’ve discussed government and justice from the perspective of trespass against unalienable rights. Now, I want shift my focus. Instead of taking about how unalienable rights define crime and the role of government, I want to talk about how the concept of unalienable rights helps us understand what is good and moral. Again I will show this in the light of the ideals of the Golden Rule and the Law of the Harvest.In Chapter Six, I explained how justice is based on the concept of restitution.…

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  • December 31, 2019

Due Process of Law

The public is supposed to maintain their primary authority in our republic through due process of law, which is also called the rule of law. The Bill of Rights says that we cannot be deprived of life, liberty or property except by due process of law. But few people know what that is supposed to mean.Returning to the idea that the people in government are employees or public servants, how do the public retain control over their servants? If you had a security guard watching over your property, does…

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  • December 23, 2019

The Endocannabinoid System

This is the second article on cannabis and CBD, which will be part of my forthcoming book on the subject. It's also next month's member topic (January 2020).

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