Dr. Karen Seremak, ND

  • Winesburg, OH
  • Essential Arcadia Natural Wellness
  • 330-879-8191

Karen Seremak is a Naturopathic Doctor, practicing as a Traditional Naturopath in Navarre, Ohio.  She is also a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, and Master Herbalist. Dr. Karen offers Natural Wellness Consultations, Bioene...

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Dr. Shirley Piccarreto

  • Rochester, NY
  • Dr. Shirley Says
  • 585-503-6478

Hello! I'm Dr. Shirley and I've been helping people just like you get well naturally for almost 30 years now.  Passionate about all that's natural, I've accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and education over the years that guarantees I can ...

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Ebone Brown

  • Pittsburg, CA
  • Wellness with Ebone
  • 925-698-9776

As a Natural Health Consultant, I am knowledgeable and passionate about health and wellness. I enjoy helping people set and reach their wellness goals and take responsibility for their own health. I enjoy helping my clients understand how the choices...

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Efrain Aguilar

  • Stockton, CA
  • Natures Herbs Products
  • 209-561-1449


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Elaine Griffith

  • Oakham, Massachusetts
  • Herbal Answers
  • (508) 735-8926

I have been using herbs for my health, the health of my family and an ever growing clientle for the last 40 years. i am a Certified Natural Health Professional and a Certified Herbal Consultant. I believe education not medication is the best way to a...

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Elisha Marie Bash

  • North Fairfield, OH
  • Eli's Natural LLC
  • 419-681-1351

Eli is a trained herbalist with her Master’s degree in clinical herbalism and a Bachelor’s in Complimentary and Alternative medicine. She is a homeschooling mother of 4 children, and the wife of a truck driver. Eli has spent the last 20...

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Ellen Kamhi PhD, RN, AHN-BC, RH(AHG)

  • Deerfield Beach/Florida, FL
  • The Natural Nurse
  • 954-418-2388

Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN, AHG-RH, AHN-BC is a leader in the herbal nutraceutical industry, recognized as a consultant specializing in regulatory issues, formulation and product education. She is a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild ...

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Ellen M Keenan

  • Pittsford, NY
  • Ellen's Holistic Heaven
  • 585-737-8661


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Erica Hill

  • Ridgewood, NJ
  • Alternatives for Wellness
  • 201-444-7407

I am a Certified Natural Health Educator and Herbalist/Nutritionist. Certified in the Emotion Code as well, I have found that ridding oneself of emotional baggage, past traumas, etc. by releasing trapped emotions can make a tremendous diffe...

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Gerald Brown

  • Arlington, TX
  • ABCsOfHerbs.com
  • 8173039309

Clo Brown has been at this location since 01 Jan "81; is a Certified Herbal Consultant, Certified Iridologist, Certified Foot Reflexologist and has a certificate/degree of "Doctor of Naturopathy" from Trinity School of Indiana, Winona Lake, Indiana. ...

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