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After interviewing more than 500 successful people Napoleon Hill came to believe that we all have access to a source of infinite intelligence that can help us overcome any obstacle or solve any problem. Most of us would call that source, God, but Hill chose to use a non-religious term.

He claimed that we could access this intelligence through something he called applied faith. The ability to exercise this faith was based on developing the habit of definiteness of purpose, that is, choosing something you wish to accomplish and then sticking with pursuing it until you obtain it. 

Most people don't have the faith to stick with something. As soon as a few obstacles arise in their path, they decide, "it can't be done," give up and move on to something else. Only the person who actually believes they can accomplish their desire will stick with it long enough to access this source of infinite intelligence to gain the knowledge and skill to turn their desire into reality.

In this webinar, we'll explore what Napoleon Hill and others have said about the power of belief to tap into the stores of knowledge that can help you achieve your heart's desire. Whatever obstacles or problems you are facing, there are solutions. You just have to determine you will find them, and in seeking for them, you will. 

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